WineToLove Grand Cru Romantic dinner

serious side efeects of accutane Hi, My fellow guests who came to my WineToLove Romantic Dinner,

I am so happy to meet you at my wine WineToLove Grand Cru romantic dinner. It was a success as usual and it’s a good start for 2017 since it is the first event of the year.

All this need to have your great participations and your good humour. I always thanks to all my enthusiastic guests. Without you, the event cannot be so successful.

Hope you guys like my wines and my games which get to make you all a good connections. See you are all laughing along the games.

And the penalty of the game is performing an Argentine Tango, cannot believe it, even though who are not losers of games still enjoy the dance with us.

Here are some photos of the events to share on our facebook page with you for your good souvenir of our romantic event.



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